Make sure your tax preparer is legal and in good standings. Here are a few tips on what to look for.
While taxes are not always logical, we strive to provide tax information in such a way that is easy to understand. Our goal is to be your single,comprehensive destination for tax help and information. This makes it easier for you to file, and pay the lowest tax legally possible.

Our tax professionals has more than a decade of combined tax and personal finance experience. We are here to make the process of filing less taxing for you.

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Tips From The IRS

Step 1: Getting Ready
Preparing your taxes can be taxing – not to mention exhausting! Fortunately, there's some tricks to making tax time a little less frustrating. Gather all your tax documents.
This will include your W2s, any interest statements, stock trades, IRA contributions, and so forth. What documents you will need depends on your particular situation.

Did you buy or sell stocks last year? If so, get out your trade confirmations. Did you buy or sell a house? Get out your escrow statement or closing papers. Did you take classes? Find a statement from your college showing tuition and fees you paid. Use the provided checklist and check off the documents that you will need for your tax situation.
Step 2: Setup an Appointment

Give us a call and make an appointment. Bring in all your tax documents and let us make the process of filing your taxes less "taxing" for you.  (951) 200-3675

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